Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nice To Meet You

I recently received an email from a former roommate (hi, roommate!) who said she had been keeping up with me via my blog (proof that I have more than 12 followers!).  She mentioned that the blog seemed to be more about my husband than it was myself.  She wasn’t criticizing, just observing, but it definitely made me think.
My life is dull, but in a very good way!  I work, come home to our 3 crazy dogs, go to the gym, clean the house, sleep, repeat.  I’m very fulfilled, but it’s not much to blog about.  Enter JD, who has turned the answer to “What’s new?” from “Oh, nothing much,” to “Oh, JD had another near death experience today.”

Still, it is MY blog, and maybe I do need to make an effort to put more of myself and my own life into it.  So, here are some things you should know about me.  Some of them I’ve probably already mentioned, so we’ll consider those parts a refresher :)

Hi, I’m Jenny.  My full name is Jennifer, but most of my friends call me Jenny.  My family calls me Jennifer or Fer.  I was born and raised in Central Ohio and am passionate about all things Ohio, including (but not limited to) my family, Ohio State football, Graeter’s Ice Cream, and Cincinnati Chili.

I went to a small college in NW Indiana called Valparaiso.  I graduated with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology.  Although I loved what I studied, I decided I wanted a more stable career and lifestyle (working in broadcast involves a lot of weird hours and a lot of moving around).  After a year of waitressing and bartending while I figured things out, I decided the first step was to move somewhere warmer.  With a few of my high school friends already living in Raleigh, the choice was easy.

I started temp work with a marketing/advertising company and after 8 months, they hired me.  Nearly 5 years and couple of promotions later, I’m in a digital support position where I troubleshoot issues with customer’s internet advertising.  I am a corporate 9-5er living the Office Space dream, complete with the stubborn printers and horrible fluorescent lighting.  I also happen to really like my job.

My ultimate dream is to buy a bunch of land and open a dog rescue.  We already have 3 rescue dogs, but it breaks my heart that I can’t take in every dog that needs a loving, stable home.  It’s not completely unrealistic, but the reality of dealing with dogs that have severe personality issues scares me, not to mention finding a way to fund something like that.

In my free time, you’ll find me at a yoga class, hanging out with friends, enjoying a marathon of my latest guilty pleasure (currently, The Tudors on Netflix) and on a nice afternoon, walking (really, holding back) my dogs.  I love the beach, but since moving here have found almost equal appreciation for the beauty that the mountains have to offer.  I LOVE dancing.

I stopped eating meat 2 years ago, but not really because of animal rights, mostly because we put so many hormones in our meat that it just seems healthier to me.  I’m not a hard core vegetarian- I still eat fish and eggs, have an occasional bite of steak off David’s plate, and don’t question whether something has chicken or beef broth in it.

So now that shared a little about myself by putting together what probably sounds like a profile from a dating site, I vow to write more posts that are Jenny-related.  Not all of them, because most of my exciting stories will still have to do with JD, but enough that friends, family, and followers can know what's going on in MY life, not just that of my husband :)

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