Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going to the Chapel

This weekend, I road tripped up to NY for a friend’s wedding in Rochester.  Of course, due to JD’s work schedule, he wasn’t able to come, but I rode up with a couple of friends, so it worked out.  There was plenty of laughter, dancing, and fabulous food, making it well worth the trip, despite scary rest stops, sleep deprivation, and almost destroying Rachel’s new car (which would have left us stranded in West Virginia).  I won’t elaborate on the car mishap because I don’t want to embarrass Rachel, but I will say that I didn’t see the curb either.  Also, her car is grey so the frosty blends right in  ;-)

Friday night, we met up with Rachel’s college friends at an adorable Mexican restaurant in downtown Rochester. 

After that, it was time for a little dancing

Saturday was wedding time!  The ceremony and bride were both beautiful, although I wasn’t able to get any good pictures because I was too far away.

Rachel and I naturally dressed alike (I swear we don’t plan these things)


Then it was time to party it up at the reception with a delicious meal and even more dancing.

It was a fun-filled weekend, for sure, but it’s always nice to come home to my loving husband and crazy dogs.

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