Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Bitch Stole My Husband... Her Name Is Irene

When your husband works every other weekend, the weekends you have together are precious.  JD's first weekend off this month was spent on a motorcycle trip, so we had big plans for a date night and quality of time together this weekend.  But then this bitch named Hurricane Irene decided to steal my husband away by making landfall in NC, and plans changed.  Our hot date night together turned into his hot date night with his training officer.

We live inland, so we didn't feel the full impact of the storm, but they still need extra officers on hand to direct traffic in areas where there are power outages and stuff.  I’m not mad he got called in.  SOMEONE has to be out protecting our city, even when the conditions are dangerous, and I’m proud of him for wanting to be that person.  I just wish Irene would have picked a different night :)

I do have to admit that I had a small moment on Friday when he told me he was getting called in on Saturday.  I knew being a Law Enforcement Wife would be hard, and I knew a lot of things to expect, but sometimes you can know something and not really understand it till you've experienced it.  It seems so unfair that LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers), military, and other public safety workers get called away from their families when they're needed at home most.  We were lucky that the storm wasn't that bad here, but I was hit with the realization that I would have been on my own no matter how bad things got.  

I wish I could fully articulate how consuming this job is, for both of us.  It not only affects our time together, but it's forced me to change the way I approach certain things.  JD may be the protector of the city, but I'm now the sole protector of our household.  That may sound dramatic, but it's also reality.

For now, I will be glad that we can have a date night tomorrow, and hoping that everyone in the path of the storm is safe.

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