Friday, September 28, 2012


Attending a large, outdoor music festival in downtown Atlanta while 21 weeks pregnant may seem like a bad idea to some, but if there are artists you can’t miss like Florence + the Machine and Ludacris (and an artist your hubby can’t miss like Pearl Jam), it will be totally worth it.  Just follow a few tips, and you’ll be good to go.

1.        Do bring your husband with you, especially if he happens to be extremely protective.  He will yell at the guy who tries to smoke a joint right next to you and your unborn child.  (Disclaimer: I was under no illusion that there wouldn’t be weed there, but this guy was a little too close for comfort)

2.       Don’t pass up the opportunity to skip ahead in line for the port-a-potties when a nice couple notices your belly and offers to let you go in front of them. 

3.       Do rock out to Luda harder than the barely-legal drunks who probably can’t name a single Luda song from before this year.  Belt out all the lyrics and dance to your favorite songs until your womb peanut is dancing right along with you.
Me and the sis... the "real" Luda fans

4.       Don’t stay near the stage for Pearl Jam.  Those fans are crazy.  Instead, escape with your sister for some food and one-on-one time while the hubby has the time of his life jumping around with the other fans.

JD on a post-Pearl Jam high

5.       Do find a shady spot to sit back and chug some water while groups you don’t care as much about are playing.  You’ll want to save your energy for the good stuff.

6.       Don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on for shade-sitting and water-chugging.

7.       Do fill yourself up with some Jimmy John’s before the festival, so you don’t have to rely on the overly expensive garbage they have there.  And yes, Jimmy John’s is equally delicious in other states.

8.       Don’t expect anyone to notice your bump in the giant sea of people trying to catch the subway home.  Prepare to stand for this return trip.

9.       Do brush up on your “sculpting with play-doh”  and “drawing with your eyes closed” skills before going over to your hubby’s cousin’s house for dinner and Cranium.

And finally….

10.   Do cherish these last few opportunities when road trips and weekend getaways are still breezy and feasible.

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