Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello, NFL? Yes, I can start this Sunday.

Ladies and gentlemen.  Jenny has gone from place-holder to all-star football player in one week.  That’s right, I scored my first touchdown.

Actually, I have to give credit to my team for having patience with me.  They’ve been trying to get me a TD since last season.  Last week the stars aligned and my moment arrived.  I can finally say I played a part in our victory.

I’d like to say I was totally cool about it, but I wasn’t.  I remember running, I remember turning, I remember seeing the ball coming towards me, I remember distinctively thinking there’s no way I’m going to catch this.  Then, the ball was in my hands…. And I didn’t drop it.

I looked down and realized I was in the end zone… and… I squealed.

That’s right, I squealed in celebration, instead of doing what I’d been telling myself I would do, which is acting totally cool- like I caught TD passes all the time.  But, no, I had to let out a delighted, girlish squeal.

An Ochocinco riverdance would have been less embarrassing.

Oh well, my team seemed proud of me anyway.

For my next challenge- interception.

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