Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Believer and The Skeptic

JD is a marketer’s dream.  He’ll fall for practically any sales pitch, commercial, or infomercial.  “Watch as our secret formula erases years of wear and tear on this floor, making it look brand new!” the infomercial says as his eyes get wide and he looks at me, exclaiming, “We NEED that!”

The person he does not listen to, is his wife.  Naturally.  So when I tell him, “Don’t use a fork on that Teflon pan, you’ll ruin it” or “We need to get rid of our non-stick cookware because the chemicals are really bad for you” or “eating more fruits and veggies will help prevent disease,” he brushes it off.  (Clearly, none of what I say is based on valid information; I just make it all up.  That’s what wives do.)

It took a salesman at a Saladmaster (pots and pans) party to convince him of all the things I’ve been telling him for a while.  Well, that and the fact that the pots are super expensive.  JD assumes anything super expensive is worth owning.  “You mean horses cost thousands of dollars?!  We HAVE to get one!  The dogs would LOVE IT!”

When we went to the party, we weren't planning to buy anything.  "I hate cooking," I told the sales guy.  "If I had extra money laying around, I wouldn't be spending it on pots and pans."

I guess the joke is on me.

It was about 2 minutes into the presentation when JD got that look in his eyes.  That this stuff is amazing and we have to buy it look.  I wasn't sold right away, but the more we learned, the more convinced I was that it would be a good investment.  JD will believe anything anyone (besides me) tells him.  I'm the one who needs convincing.  Here's what sold me...

1.  Cooking with these pans is healthier because they distribute heat better, so you don't need to use oil or butter.  The guy made fried chicken without any oil.  Also, because they distribute heat better, you can cook at a lower temperature, so you aren't losing all the nutrients like you normally do when cooking veggies.  There was some study where they microwaved broccoli and found that you lose 95% of the nutrients by cooking it that way.  What a waste!

2.  You can make a lot more stuff in a lot less time using a lot less energy.  He made fried chicken, potatoes, 4 vegetables, a salad, and a cake in 15 minutes start to finish.  Including prep time.  No oven needed.  No need to defrost meat.  No, I'm not kidding.  As someone who hates cooking, this was a HUGE selling point.

3.  Most importantly, they're much safer than traditional pots and pans because they're made with Titanium.  We've all heard that Teflon is super bad for you, but it turns out traditional stainless steel pots aren't that great either.  He did this test where he boiled water and baking soda in their pot, a stainless steel pot, and a Teflon pan.  The water from their pot just tasted like salt water.  The water from the other 2 pans tasted like metal.  Like, I almost threw up it was so bad.  Imagine that getting in your food every time you cook.  That can't be healthy.

4.  They have a lifetime warranty, so we'd be investing in something for life.

Now I sound like a walking advertisement for this stuff.  But I'm really excited about it, so I can't help myself.  Were they expensive?  Yes.  But they have payment plans, they'll last for life, and you can't really put a price on good health.


  1. The whole time I was reading this post, I couldn't help but think the following: "OMGZZ, my sister writes blogs about cookware!"

    J/K, love youuuuuuuuu.

  2. Tom is the same way about wanting to buy stuff that sounds good. He wants so many of those Seen On TV things..