Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Madness of March

March is here.  Spring has sprung.  And the warm weather seems to have brought a busier schedule with it.

Boyd has an ear infection…. again.  So he’s back on meds and we’ve switched his food…. again.  The good news is that a friend recommended a local place that sells all natural dog food with different blends for different health issues (like low-allergen for our problem pup).  The best part about this new place is that they DELIVER the food FOR FREE.  And when you have 3 large dogs that go through 10 cups of food a day, having someone deliver the food to your front door is AMAZING.  My only complaint with the new food?  He farts.  A lot.  And for anyone who hasn't smelled 75 pound dog fart, it's not good.  But being the good puppy parent I am, I'll make that sacrifice if his ear infections go away for good.

My office celebrated the start of March Madness by serving us pizza for lunch last Thursday, putting b-ball on the TV in the cafeteria, and serving beer and wine starting at 3pm.  True story.  I didn’t get to fully participate, as I've been extremely busy with work (which is a good thing!), but I did take my laptop down to the cafeteria to watch b-ball WHILE I worked.  Epic.

JD and I met up for dinner with a couple friends last week.  When the 4 of us get together, things are bound to be hilarious, because JD + Josh = high school all over again and Rachel + Jenny = picking on JD and Josh.  JD hit Josh in the face with a spitball.  Josh squirted ketchup across the table and got it all over JD’s shirt.  Rachel nearly snarfed her beer multiple times.  Good friends.  Good times.  I don't care what anyone says, the best times in life are when you're not acting your age.

My loving sister has been accepted to 2... TWO!.... grad schools (and she’s waiting on letters from more schools!) for an MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) program.  I'm so proud of her for following her dream and for not listening to the people who tell her that getting published is too hard, too competitive, and that writing doesn't pay well.  She's a beautiful writer.  Most importantly, I can see how happy she is about this, and how excited she is to pursue her passion.

In sad news, both of JD's grandparents have upcoming surgeries scheduled.  As extroverted as I am, I like to keep family and medical issues private, so I won't get into details, but thoughts and prayers are appreciated.  They are both very active and still so full of life, so I have faith that both surgeries will be successes.

This upcoming weekend is the weekend of The Hunger Games!  I know no movie will ever be as good as the book, but I hope I like it at least.  I hope I don't leave the theater thinking that was horrendous.  I've finished the books, so the movies are all I have.  It better live up to my expectations.

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